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3 Helpful Benefits of Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy sometimes has a reputation of being something that you have to do if medical procedures do not go as planned. Physical Therapy may not have been on your list of things to do for this month or for this year, but living with pain can greatly decrease your ability to perform routine tasks and more importantly to live your life fully.

There are a lot of benefits to physical therapy, but here are three to consider:

Assessment and Acknowledgement

When you consider physical therapy, you are able to take the time to truly assess and acknowledge the pain you feel. As you tune in to your body, you begin to realize that you have been compensating and trying not ignore pain. As you open yourself to physical therapy, you also open yourself to the possibility of feeling better.

Stress Relief

When you are living with pain on a daily basis, your body is experiencing stress. Although stress can be good as you train and exercise, continuous stress in the same areas of your body can result in behavior that overcompensates for the repeated stress to that one area of the body. As this repeated stress builds up, your body begins to depend on coping mechanisms like sleep loss and caffeine consumption for temporary relief. Physical therapy identifies those stress points and teaches ways to reduce repeated stress, Physical therapy also provides a longterm plan to address repeated stress, so that your body does not become accustomed to a certain type of stress.

Developing a Plan

One of the hardest aspects of living with daily pain is not being able to picture living without pain. You become so accustomed to feeling pain, making it hard to imagine living without pain or living with greatly reduced pain. Physical therapy provides the opportunity to include a trained professional who will work with you to develop a plan to reduce pain and to feel better. Your treatment plan is customized to you and your daily routine. Even minor adjustments in your daily activity can make a big difference in preventing or reducing pain.

Even if you are not convinced physical therapy is right for you, making an appointment for a consultation can only help you consider the options you have available. Making an appointment and considering a treatment plan that leads to a life with reduced pain or no pain is certainly better than continuing to live in daily pain!

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    My grandma has been having a lot of knee problems lately. It was interesting to learn that a physical therapist can help to develop a plan that is customized to your daily routine and can help you to deal with body pains. I hope this article can help to make life a little bit easier on my grandma’s knees.

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