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Postpartum Pain


Many women find themselves in the position of being in pain during the postpartum period. Although for six weeks, women are told to monitor their activity carefully given their bodies time to heal, for many women six weeks is not enough time for their bodies to heal. After women receive the ok from their doctor to resume normal activities, many women find themselves dealing with postpartum pain with no help for addressing the pain.  

There are many contributing factors to postpartum pain:

  1. Sleep: It’s not a surprise to find out that many new mothers are sleep-deprived not only from having a newborn, but from the month to six weeks they weren’t able to sleep or sleep well before their babies were actually born. Add to this extensive sleep debt, feeding a newborn during the night as well as those awkward sleep sessions in the rocking chair, on the couch, or pretty much anywhere a new mom stays still and it’s no wonder that new moms find sleep anything but restful.
  2. Baby plus baby gear: It is certainly hard on a woman’s body carry a growing baby plus all the baby needs for nutrients and protection in utero. While we often hear about what pregnancy does to a woman body, we don’t hear or read about the postpartum period when women are carrying around a growing baby, a car seat, diaper bag, and oftentimes a stroller, too. It isn’t hard to understand how improperly putting in your baby’s car seat and improperly taking the car seat out can cause continual stress on a woman’s recovering body.
  3. A New Schedule: Many women don’t have more than six weeks if even six weeks for maternity leave after which they are expecting to return to business as usual. This proves so much harder when dealing with postpartum pain. Women who are returning to work may be tempted to ignore the pain because they are already playing catch up, but ignoring the pain and treatment options will only prolong recovery.

If you find yourself in postpartum pain, consult a physical therapist who can help diagnose your pain as well as develop a treatment plan that will reduce the pain and teach you proper procedures for carrying your baby and baby gear. Don’t think the pain will just go away. Book an evaluation today!


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