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Getting Up and Active in Columbia, SC!

Get Active in Columbia, SCIf you’re like a lot of people, days and weeks slip by until the new month sneaks up on you. As the season changes, suddenly you remember all the goals you had at the beginning of the new year. You were going to get in shape before Spring, but certainly before Summer. Now it’s too late to start anything, right?

Here are some tips for getting out and getting active.

Switch it Up

The benefits of alternating your physical activity are numerous. By varying your physical activity, you use different muscles with each new activity. By working out various muscles groups, you work out smarter. When you don’t vary your physical activity, you run into the danger of plateauing in your workout, which can prove frustrating, especially when you are inches or pounds away from your goals.

Find a Group

It’s always easier to motivate yourself to get active when you have someone who is working out with you. There are many local running groups, walking groups, or mom groups that have discovered the power in community when it comes to working out. Find a local group close to you and join them! It will make you feel better to know you aren’t alone while maintaining your motivation to keep going.

Stay Positive

No matter how many times you’ve skipped out on your exercise plans, try not to stay positive in how you think about working out. Instead, take heart that there is no one but you keeping track of how many times you’ve worked out. Working out and feeling great is something you do for you, so give yourself a break!

Don’t know where to get started with a workout plan? You can always consult a physical therapist to help guide and assess what is the best workout plan for you body and your fitness goals. A physical therapist can also instruct you on how to avoid injury as you develop your fitness routine.


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