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Is It Still Postpartum Pain?

  • May 19, 2016

PostpartumSupportWomen who have just given birth receive a lot of attention as they recover during the first six week, but many women find they experience postpartum pain after they have been cleared by the doctors to resume normal activities. It’s important to consider that women aren’t only recovering from giving birth. Women are also recovering from being pregnant for ten months before actually giving birth. How long does it actually take for women to recover after pregnancy and giving birth?

A recent study conducted by Dr. Jule Wray concluded that women need a full year to recover from pregnancy and giving birth. This means mothers need to be monitoring how they feel physically as well as emotionally in order to heal during the whole first year of their child’s birth. Although you may find yourself wanting to get you body back and feel like yourself again, it isn’t in your best interest to push your bodies too hard. Pushing your body too much could actually delay the postpartum healing process. Instead, allowing your body to naturally recover by getting exercise, eating well, and resting when you can is essential to healing.


Getting Exercise

Walking is a great postpartum exercise because it has the added benefit of being an activity that you and your baby can do together. Walking doesn’t put too much stress on your joints, which is important as your muscles and joints are healing after pregnancy and giving birth. As you are more active, it is important to couple cardio exercise with stretching. Always monitor your body for pain as you exercise and consult a physical therapist if you experience continued or new pain during or after exercise.

Eating Well

It is easy to fall into the habits like eating quickly or skipping meals as you care for your new baby, but whether you are breastfeeding or not, your body needs good protein and fresh fruits and vegetables in order to recover after pregnancy and giving birth. Also, be sure that you are getting vitamins to replenish and assist your body’s healing during the postpartum period.


Rest and sleep may seem illusive for you as a new mom, but it important to allow yourself to rest when you can. Your body needs the opportunity to recover after nine months of pregnancy and giving birth. Falling into fatigue and exhaustion can cause pain and impact your ability to care for your baby.

Even though you might not find people who are asking about how you are doing and how you are recovering after six weeks, it is important as a new mom to take care of yourself. The body has amazing healing potential when you take care of it by exercising, eating well, and resting.

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