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How to Maintain Endurance with a Shifting Schedule

endurance-training-artSummertime means the kids are out of school, vacations at the beach, and visiting family. Although we all look forward to changing up the routine, we want to keep working towards our workout goals. How do you maintain your endurance and the hard work you’ve put in with a shifting schedule?

Enjoy the Change of Pace

It’s easy in the midst of working and trying to maintain a workout routine to forget to get adequate rest and drink enough water. If you are on vacation, allow your body the time to rest and enjoy the change of pace from your regular schedule. You never know, taking time to rest may serve to break the workout plateau you’ve been battling!

Start Back Slowly to Build Endurance

The temptation when you have been away and haven’t been on your regular workout plan is to try to make up for missed workouts with a killer workout when you return back home. This is a bad idea not only because you could cause injury, but also because you may set yourself back in your workout goals. Instead, take it one step at a time. Do what feels right without straining too hard to try to makeup for lost time when you return to your workout routine. Building up endurance takes time and intentional action over a period of time.

Add in Extra Time to Stretch

If it’s been awhile since you’ve done your workout routine, then make sure to add in extra time to stretch. Your muscles may have enjoyed the much-needed break on vacation, so taking the extra time to stretch will ensure that as your muscles undergo the stress and strain of a workout there is still time for them to recover.

If you find yourself experiencing new pain or recurring pain when you return to your workout routine, book an appointment with a physical therapist before

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