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Trying New Workouts

newexercise2As school ends and summer begins, you may be reminded of the need to get out into the fresh air or the cool pool water to exercise. As you develop and maintain your workout routine, don’t be afraid to change things up every once in awhile. Choosing the same exercise routine, even when you concentrate on different muscle groups every day, can result in plateauing. Plateauing can frustrate your efforts to meet your goals and make you more susceptible to stress fractures or injuries. Instead, try new workouts to strengthen muscle and continue to meet your goals.

Here are three benefits to mixing up your workout:

Tricking Your Body

Our bodies adapt to the routine stress. This stress may be stress caused by working out or through tension and anxiety in work. When you trick your body by changing your workout routine, you are asking it to adapt in a new and different ways, which will increase the impact of your workout as well as help alleviate the stress and anxiety caused by work. Even small changes in the length or type of workout can reap big benefits.

Re-Engaging Your Mind

Anyone who has tried a workout routine knows that half of the battle of working out consistently convincing yourself to go to the gym, go to the pool, or the running/walking trail. Your mind is just as important in the workout process as the body is. Switching up your workout re-engages your mind asking your mind to work to make sure you body is performing the new task safely and effectively. By re-engaging your mind, you’re centering your mind and your body together as you try the new workout. When your mind and your body work together, you feel more centered and healthy.

Remembering the Fun

Remember when you first started your workout plan? You researched different plans determined you were going to find the right workout routine for you and your body. You went shopping for new workout gear. You were ready to conquer the world, but now that you’ve hit a workout rut, you aren’t excited about working out anymore. Trying a new workout routine can help you remember that working out can be fun. It doesn’t have to be tedious or repetitive. It’s time to research and search for some new ideas!

We are quick to develop patterns and schedules, especially as we try to fit working out into our busy lives of work and family. Designing a new workout routine can make you feel better, more confident, and help your workouts have bigger impact. If you’re not sure whether a new workout routine is good for you, it’s never a bad idea to consult a physical therapist.

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