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Agility Training

This training focuses on improving the body’s ability to move, change direction, and position quickly and effectively while under control. Agility training is an integral part of sports injury rehab.

Arthritis Pain Management

Our program works to strengthen and reduce pain and stiffness in joints that have been weakened by damage and inflammation, as well as improve range of motion, making you more mobile.


Biofeedback helps patients control symptoms associated with muscle tension or weakness by applying electrodes to the skin to detect muscle tension, which is displayed on a computer screen so patients receive immediate feedback and learn to control their body’s response. This intervention is used for orthopedic and pelvic floor rehab.

Electrotherapeutic Modalities

This modality uses electrical impulses to stimulate nerves to provide pain relief.

Gait Training

Gait training is necessary after an illness or injury to improve independence with walking. This training will assist with fall prevention while improving gait quality.

Heat or Ice Therapy

Heat therapy is used to induce vasodilation to draw blood into target areas and decrease muscle spasm, muscle tension, and relieve pain. Ice therapy induces vasoconstriction to slow circulation and reduce inflammation, spasm, and pain.

Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization is form of manual therapy that consists of slow, passive, oscillatory movements of a joint to restore motion and relieve pain.


This taping technique facilitates the body’s natural healing process while providing support and stability to the joints without restricting range of motion or circulation.

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy consists of passive movements of joints and soft tissues to control pain, increase range of motion, reduce inflammation, and improve function.

Mommy Rehab

Our program focuses on helping women with various hip, back, pelvic, neck and sciatic pain related to pregnancy. This program consists of a hands on approach to postural training and customized strength programs. Mommy Rehab also assists moms in regaining strength and muscle flexibility post pregnancy.

Muscle Imbalance Correction

Muscle imbalances are a result of tight muscles and weak muscles in the same area working against each other causing pain and postural alignment issues. Programs to correct muscle imbalance involve the targeting of affected muscles and the stretching or loosening of the tight muscles, and strengthening of the weak muscles to rebalance muscles and return body to normal feel and function.

Neuro Re-education/Balance Training

Neuro Re-education is a therapeutic technique that can be used to improve balance, strength, coordination, posture, kinesthetic sense, and restore normal soft tissue tone and elasticity. Treatment challenges and strengthens muscles to improve core control, positional awareness, and improve balance and stability. People of all ages can benefit from this type of exercise training regardless of past medical history or level of function.

Peripheral Neuromuscular Facilitation

PNF is specific hands on approach to facilitating muscle relaxation and contraction to allow for optimal muscle performance.

Postural Re-training

Most postural problems are reversible with posture re-training. To retrain these muscles and correct your posture, the physical therapist will assess and treat the underlying causes of posture problems, provide postural re-education, train core stabilizer muscles, and provide information on postural support solutions.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

This manual therapy technique is used to relax tense muscles, mobilize scar tissue, reduce fluid buildup in damaged soft tissues and increase muscular length.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise consists of physical movements, postures and activities designed to treat and restore normal function in diseased or damaged tissues.

Therapeutic Activities

This involves the use of functional, dynamic tasks from everyday living to improve range of motion and strength. Movements usually include pushing, pulling, squatting, bending, lifting, carrying, etc.




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